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The Story of Barry's Sewing Machine & Vacuum Company

Barry's Sewing Machine & Vacuum Company is Owned by me, Bobby Huddleston. Barry's was first started in 1971 by Clayton "Barry" Nosbusch and his wife Marge. Clayton Nosbusch was nicknamed Barry back in High School or the Army not sure which one. Some time around 1968 Barry worked for The Singer Company and after a little over 3 years training decided in 1971 to start his own business and Barry's Sewing Machine Company was started, back then Barry's did not repair vacuums. Barry's was a Sewing Machine Sales and Repair Shop. After a few years Barry's started carrying fabric but later stopped. When Barry's quit carrying fabric the shop started dealing with vacuum repair and then sales. Barry's was owned and operated by Barry and his wife for 27 years. In March of 1998 Bobby Huddleston bought the shop from Barry and his wife, they were friends of the family and became friends of mine also. After I bought Barry's, Barry would come in a few time a week and when I was running behind Barry would help catch sewing machine repairs up. In Jan. 2002 Barry passed away. Barry was a good honest man and will always be missed at the shop. When ever I am running behind on sewing machine repairs I think of Barry, he would always be glad to come in and help me catch up. Over the years I have changed some things but I believe in customer service and doing the job right the first time. If I can't repair the problem then I don't charge the customer, I treat customers the way I would want to be treated and I would not want to be charged if my product was not repaired right. I carry the best vacuums I have found on the market to include Miele and Sebo. I have both at home. Customers ask what I recommend or what do you use at home. I use and recommend Miele vacuums, for house hold use the Miele can't be beat. Check out the Website it will try to show the reason the vacuums I carry are the best. Thanks for stopping by.

Bobby Huddleston

Owner / Operator



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