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Product Description of Perfect Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner Model # C101

Product Features

-Metal tank construction for durability and long life.
-15-inch power nozzle with circuit breaker for belt protection
-6-foot hose with 360 degree swivel handle and power nozzle shut off.
- Rubber wheels on canister and protection bumpers all around to protect floors and furniture.

Product Description

This retro style Perfect canister is the same old style Electrolux canister you grew up with. The all metal housings are made for years and years of use and abuse. The motor on this vacuum pulls an amazing 125" of water lift, giving it the same suction as many central vacuum units. There are not many vacuums on the market today, with the suction power of the Perfect canister. The wide 15" power nozzle will eat pet hair for breakfast! It also comes with an eletronic circuit breaker, that will prevent many belts from breaking. If something is vacuumed up into the power head such as tassles on oriental rugs, or shoe laces, or even a sock under neath the bed, the power head will automatically turn off, to prevent the belt from breaking.

Accessories included are; * Complete set of tools with on-board storage:
*Soft horse hair combination dusting/upholstery tool.
*Air-driven stair tool.
*14-inch crevice tool.
*12-inch wide soft horse hair bare floor tool.

Enjoy the same type of quality and durability that probably your parents or grandparents had in their old Electrolux vacuum. This machine also now comes with the new HEPA filtration style Electrolux bag, which will stop more dust than the standard paper bags that usually come with this machine. 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.


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